Covering letter


In the following task you are being asked to write a covering letter.  The following link presents an overview of some of the points you should consider when writing a covering letter or personal statement in an application form.  Spend 10 mins reviewing the rules that this site suggests you follow.  Note them down because your next task will need you to comply with these rules.

Covering letter writing template

The following template provides a writing framework that you can use to begin writing your covering letter.  Remember your covering letter is in response to the new John Lewis job role

Covering letter template

To ensure that you are successful in completing your covering letter it is important that you recognise that you need to tailor it for each job advertisement.  The link below highlights the main aspects of the job description that the recruitment specialist (that has made you aware of this job) feels that you need to respond address when writing your covering letter.

Tailoring your covering letter

Highlighted sections of – hypothetical-john-lewis-job-advert-and-description

To assist you in writing the letter there are a number of sentence starters in the document below:

Sentence starters

Covering-letter – Sentence starters