Email Etiquette rules

1. Be concise and to the point
2. Answer all questions in your reply to an email
3. Use proper spelling, grammar & punctuation
4. Reply to the email as soon as you can
6. Do not attach unnecessary files
7. Use proper structure & layout
8. Do not overuse the high priority option (do some research on the internet if you are not sure what this means?)
9. Do not write in CAPITALS
10. Do not leave out the message thread when responding to an email especially if you are included other people on your email response for the first time
11. Read the email before you send it
12. Do not overuse Reply to All
13. Take care with abbreviations (LOL etc.) and emoticons
14. Be careful with formatting
15. Take care with rich text and HTML messages
16. Do not forward chain letters
17. Do not request delivery and read receipts
18. Do not copy a message or attachment without permission
19. Do not use email to discuss confidential information
20. Use a meaningful subject
21. Avoid using URGENT and IMPORTANT
22. Don’t send or forward emails containing libelous, defamatory, offensive, racist or obscene remarks
23. Don’t forward virus hoaxes and chain letters
24. Keep your language gender neutral
25. Don’t reply to spam
26. Use cc: field sparingly