L6 – Ubiquitous Computing

What is Ubiquitous Computing?

Sometimes defined as the ‘third generation of computing’,  Ubiquitous Computing may prove to be one of the greatest technological eras in the history of computing making futuristic scenes from our favourite Science fiction movies realities of the not so distant future.

Ubiquitous Computing may best be described as technology running in the background, undetectable, feeding off and depositing hundreds of thousands of communications to a central location on the Internet, helping to improve the intelligence that supports us in our every day lives.

Examples of Ubiquitous Computing?

This link shows a product canary that uses a combination of sensors and a high definition camera to monitor security in the home.  Another example  Lock 8 users motion sensors to safeguard bikes being stolen.   Finally explore the Internet of Things website which provides a glimpse into what is possible when you combine sensors, actuators, and networked intelligence using ubiquitous computing.

Multi-touch screen technology
The following link shows how multi-touch screen technology is advancing allowing us to use multiple digits, which has massive implications to how we might craft our ideas in the future.

Cloud_and Ubiquitous Computing worksheet_REVIEW