U 4 – Task 1a & 1b

Assessment criterion 1.1

  1. Understand how to use sources of information about jobs
1.1 Explain the roles of different sources of information (Employment Agencies, Newspapers, Job Centres, Noticeboards Word Of Mouth, Specialist Magazines and how they support job seekers

Your employer has asked you to investigate the sources of information that are readily available for new job entrants.  In addition you have been asked to research the job conditions that exist across the ‘four’ main job sectors (Public, Private, Voluntary and Self-Employed) so that new candidates are readily informed of the conditions they can expect. Your employer wants to make sure that new job entrants are aware of the four sectors they can potentially work in which offer very different working conditions.  To ensure new job entrants are aware of these differences you have been asked to produce a report using examples of job roles illustrating these differences.

Task 1 – Different types of information

a) List the different types of information available to support potential job seekers explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each source of information: employment agencies, newspapers, job centres, noticeboard word of mouth, specialist magazines

b) Summarise to your employer with reasons when a new job seeker would use each of the sources listed.

Task 1a & 1b – Job information sources