U 5 – Task 1a & b

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It is a sad fact that a significant proportion of people go through life doing jobs they were never designed to do;  because, they have never been equipped with the skills to identify their personal needs with suitable career paths.

The process you have gone through in Unit 4 in searching for a job;  and in particular assessing your personality traits and skill aptitudes (both hard and soft) has – I hope – made you think more carefully about the job that will be right for you in the long term.

You may be a long way off from getting your ideal job because you do not have all the necessary skills and qualifications; however, if you put your action plan in place, just think how much quicker you may be in getting that job compared to those that have not had the skills development you have had in this area.

Unit 4 will also have improved your language in describing your skills making you more mindful of the importance of evidencing your claims towards a particular skill.  For example in response to the statement: ‘I am a great team player’. Your interviewer or person reading your CV will want to know; why you think you are a great team player; and how can you prove it?

Unit 5 builds on the point, evidence, explain mantra you may be familiar with or in this case skill, evidence, proof.

In this the first task of Unit 5 you are going to learn how to apply for a job recognising the different methods that are available; and the modified strategies you will need to develop in using these different methods.

Before applying for a job you need to consider 2 things:

  • What the employer is asking for?
  • How to apply (you must read each advertisement carefully)

Download the following task sheet  in to your new Unit 5 – Applying for a job folder

Task 1a & 1b – Describe different methods of applying for a job and explain how to obtain job information