AO1 Health and Safety

Writing framework template:
Health & Safety writing template

Student Example – Health & Safety Presentation [Merit level standard – to achieve a distinction level standard the speakers notes need to include detailed explanations]

ICT Health and safety web online resources:
Safety at Work [link to PDF] Health & Safety [link to microsite]
Computer security [link to website that explains computer security in detail]
Health and Safety [link to website that explains IT health & Safety issues in detail]

Computer security web online resources:

Anti-virus [link to Teach-ICT microsite]
Spyware [link to Teach-ICT microsite]
Firewalls [link to Teach-ICT microsite]

Video Links
Health and safety issues and how to improve work practices to prevent injury. 

Repetitive strain injury (RSI) and measures to prevent it

Computer security threats and approaches to reduce risks