AO1 – Website planning

Before you start designing your website you need to read the World Cup 2014 website design brief.  You are given a number of options to choose from.

  • Option 1 – a showcase for the ‘beautiful game’ (detailing some of the teams that will be taking place in the competition)
  • Option 2 – a website illustrating the main tourist and cultural attractions available to visit whilst the tournament in taking place.
  • Option 3 –  a mixture of Option 1 and 2.

AO1: Design Brief:
Once you have reflected on the direction of the website design brief option you would like to choose, download the 
Unit 2 Project_Proposal and complete your first planning document detailing the main purpose of your website, your intended target audience and how you aim to capture the information you will need for site.

AO1: Site Plan:
In order complete your site plan you need to start the program OpenMind 2.0

  1. Click Start > All Programs
  2. Navigate to the folder “Matchware”
  3. Click on OpenMind 2.0
  4. Select new document (if you are doing this for the first time)
  5. Select Top Down

Student Example:
World Cup 2014 – Site plan

AO1: House style:
Unit 2 – House Style – (applicable for unit 21 also)

Student Example:
Unit 2 & 21 – House Style