Unit 4 – Searching for a Job

Unit 4: Quick links to 7 No worksheets:

Tasks 1a & 1b

Tasks 2a & 2b

Task 3 & 4

Tasks 5 6 & 7
(Please note that task 5 consists of 2 No Skills evaluation exercises and the Myer Briggs personality test you undertook as part of the induction programme)

This unit provides you with the opportunity to explain, select and identify potential job roles from various sources of information. You will aim to explain how your own skills relate to potential job roles reflecting on your self-assessment.

The unit provides you with an opportunity for the development of the skills necessary for optimising your job search skills. You will gain an insight into how different skills relate to potential job roles and how your skills and achievements relate to certain roles. You will need to carry out investigations to identify potential job vacancies and provide evidence of communication with employers to obtain further information about job vacancies.

You are working in your first job, as a Human Resources Assistant on a 6 month temporary contract with recruitment consultancy. You have been asked to prepare notes on the sources of information available to help young job seekers find new employment. Your manager is concerned that new entrants into the jobs market are unfamiliar with the sources of information that are freely available that could widen their chances of gaining access to employment. In addition your manager is aware that new candidates do not appear to have the skills to help them match their skills, interests, achievements and how they might address their skills gap for potential job roles. It is intended that the tasks you will be asked to perform by your manager will provide a valuable source of information to assist jobseekers trying to find the information they need to secure their first job role.