Unit 5 – Applying for a job

The purpose of this unit is to give you the best possible chance of getting a job you really want to do.  It will help you prepare a solid job application: highlighting your abilities and minimising common mistakes.

Task Intro:  Job application factors priority List

Begin by creating a list of the most important things a job application should consider in order of priority.  Try to answer this question by considering both your own and a potential employer’s interests.

Once you have created your list read the following article from the BBC, ‘‘CV blunders hit Jobseekers’ chances of securing employment”.  It discusses some of the main mistakes that Jobseekers are making when applying for a job.

Reflect on the article.  Is there anything that surprises you about the news article? Is there anything that you did not consider as being important when considering what might be important when putting a Job application together for a job?