Lesson 3 – Malware

Lesson 3

Malware is the term given to “Malicious Software”.

  • This is a program that enters a computer system and does harm to that system.
  • They are created by people who want to use their programming talents to cause problems for others. Not very nice people!

What is a computer virus?

  • A computer virus enters your system without your knowledge and can then copy itself to other computers.
  • They are usually transferred to other computers and can be caught by transferring files though a USB drive or more commonly though attachments sent with emails.
  • Most computer viruses will alter, delete or damage the files in the computer system.  They cannot damage the actual hardware of the system but can corrupt the software that enables the hardware to function correctly.
  • The virus copies itself many times and can slow down a system so much that it stops working. Other viruses change the way that software works so that they do not display properly or delete files or change data.

Avoiding viruses

Antivirus software should be kept up to date and used regularly to scan a computer system to remove any viruses.  They should also be used to scan any messages which are sent out or come into the system or any files that are entering or leaving your system.

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